Saturday, September 22, 2007


I'm tired, so I'd make this quick. Hope this would help some poor-souls out there...

For those who are riding on Windows Vista Ultimate, with Nero 7 Premium AND ProShow Gold V3.0.1907 installed, it's proven that they didn't like each other very much. Remember DO NOT run Nero 7 AFTER installing ProShow Gold V3.0.1907 otherwise, you'll cry. Myself and Andy suspect that these two apps uses one of the I/O file or some DLL files or some crap, and it will never release after using it... Imagine I waited 3 hours to compile a DVD ISO image and when it finally reached the point upon creation, it CRASHED!!!!!!


Non-negotiable, I had to click on the "Close this program" button. Heartbroken, almost broke down and cry (summore damn sleepy and hungry that time... )... I took a few deep breathe, and start all over again! And here's the trick:

1. Uninstall ProShow Gold, reboot the machine.
2. Note that though you have already uninstalled ProShow Gold, the registry weren't clean! How I know? 'Coz it didn't prompt me for registration information anymore like how it happened when I installed it for the first time!
3. So you need delete the [Drive]:\Program Files\Photodex directory. (You won't be able to delete this if you don't reboot your machine)
4. Install ProShow Gold *again*.
5. Reboot your machine.
6. Run your ProShow project, create DVD, choose to create ISO image.
7. Pray.

So, a 5 minutes song will need approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes to render a video clip, and I'm running on 1GB RAM. So the outcome is this: My 14 minutes video took 3 hours to compile, so I waited 3 hours to see it crash. And it didn't happened just for once, several times! Just because I didn't uninstall and reinstall ProShow Gold after using Nero 7 to test burn the not-so-well-done-images!

Don't! Don't be like me, don't be stubborn, don't burn any DVD before you had finalized your work at ProShow Gold. Oh one more thing, ProShow Gold V3.0.1907 can't even create ISO Image on Windows XP. What a crap!

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