Monday, August 18, 2008

Boh Kor Ning eh dai chee


MSN 上,无聊人无聊对话,其实不过是“约”我吃午餐……

Johnathen *unicef Corra @ 13°C: i go wendy jaya one for lunch - u want to follow or not?
Corra @ 13°C Johnathen *unicef: wendy's burger?
Corra @ 13°C Johnathen *unicef: follow lo, want to ask u something also.
Johnathen *unicef Corra @ 13°C: but dun get it wrong - not just u and me alone ok
Johnathen *unicef Corra @ 13°C: heehee
Corra @ 13°C Johnathen *unicef: u think i will misunderstood u ar?
Corra @ 13°C Johnathen *unicef: u and me boh kor ning wan.
Corra @ 13°C Johnathen *unicef: sky fall sea dry also boh kor ning.
Johnathen *unicef Corra @ 13°C: now sky oledi falling ok
Johnathen *unicef Corra @ 13°C: go now.

我很厉害。能够自创 sky fall sea dry 这样的句子出来。太强了!

KNN-eh,那是一件 sky fall sea dry also boh kor ning eh dai chee,okay?


Lcie said...

wahlaowhey. How can both of you started conversations like this. And that got me thinking how it leads you to that weird dream~

de Cor's said...

this time don't have weird dreams. weird dreams was because of NC! About having a make-up sex!