Thursday, October 30, 2008


ex: that time i just have to force myself not to pick up your calls!
me: eh I also put effort and tried not to call okay??
ex: I know, but I have to try not pick it up when you beh tahan and called ma!
me: 你是贱人。
ex: you're too stubborn and didn't want to move on.
me: yeah I never could.
ex: sorry lo.
me: It's okay, I knew where you were comin' from.
ex: yeah I just had to, that time.
me: luckily you did.
ex: no hate?
me: no.
ex: sure?
me: when comes things like this i'll just have to take my time to... get over it, you un?
ex: i un!
me: yalo. be patient with me lo.
ex: i still sayang you wan!
me: i know.
ex: and still care for you...
me: thank you! eh i am hungry now, are you going to buy me something to eat, as in, now?
ex: gtg ttyl!

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