Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogspot dillema

So my blog looked weird this morning.

This is just so annoying because I haven't been modifying anything major for the passed few months! How could it go wrong if, nothing gets changed?

So I was advised to look into the code and check if there's any weird changes in blogspot's CSS template. The advisor, J, said that it must be Blogspot upgraded their template and what not, so I looked, and thanks to my great, great memory, I managed to spot a few unfamiliar codes, got them removed, and things reset back to how it was finally.

I have no doubt that Blogspot team does this for site improvement, but it's such a pain for people who'd prefer nothing gets changed unless we wanted it. It's a free thing so we shouldn't be complaining, but a gentle notification for headups would have been great as, I don't like surprises.


Carl said...

just like you need to fill up one EPF form to remain the 11% ... a. .a.aa.a.a.a.aa.

de Cor's said...

yew that's another sohai case.