Sunday, November 9, 2008

BodyGuardz - Scratch Proof? Yearite.

This is iPhone first gen - not mine. I got mine fixed fairly well and I am not going to blog about it.

We decided to get ourselves this so that we no longer need to hide our phones, and since I have the crafter hands, I executed the job.

It is tough - really, I mean the shield. I tried scratching it with my pliers after I applied it, it didn't even plant a single line on it - but hell, it's scratched while I was applying the shield on the phone! Yes! Exactly, how can that happened??!!! Well I have absolutely no clue how this could happened - but it happened. The lucky thing is, the package came with two sets of these thing, I replaced it and it was alright this time, it didn't get ruinned because 1) I refused to use the squeegee, and 2) I did it my own way instead of what had been tauhgt in that freaking manual. But crap - what puzzled me is HOW CAN IT GET SCRATCHED?

And boy - applying this on the phone is not hard, the hard and painful part is when your phone start having cocked-up corners and you're left with no choice but to deal with it. Ah Damn!


NathenNod said...

You idoit - you scratched the back side while applying it, which is the soft side....HAHAHAHA.

And I tot you got the original one @

de Cor's said...

It's from the official site - I am not sure if the URL is the correct one though, will reconfirm.

And... No one ever mention that the inside will get scratch okay! Anyway I am still very headache with the corners!

NathenNod said...

The corners got technique one. Just press on the palm hard hard and it will stick on.

de Cor's said...

No trust me, that won't work - the only way is to realign them, as in remove them from the phone and spray it with lot's of solution water and then stick it back AT IT'S OWN DESIRABLE way! You can't align it to the way you want it - you must let it fall and stick at where it want to be, then it'll stay.