Saturday, November 1, 2008

虽我非信徒 - faith

I don't tease those who believes in God with their life.

It's not even about being respectful or what not.. its beyond that. These people lives because they believe there's God's existance, God give them strength, and when times are difficult, it's God preparing them or furnishing them with skills and wisdom to handle the next coming up challenges.

They rely heavily on God - the Believe itself might have saved their life several times in the past - you won't know. They live, because of the believe - take this away, they'll break. Why would I want to destroy somebody like that? I mean, in order to have such strong faith requires lots of energy and courage, and I am sure they sometimes too, have doubts, or when the challenges were too tough, they might get angry and start questioning God (and God will say please go take care of your own stuff and let me manage mine...) and what not, but the point is they will eventually get through it and reasons it out on their God's behalf later on..

Frankly speaking, I am full of envious of you guys who could believe in something with such strong faith, and really, it's not even about being respectful - you really are already stronger than me because you have the ability of which I am lack of.

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