Monday, November 24, 2008

I need

"Sleep" by Jeremy

I wish there is a cure for sleep because I don't need it and I don't want it and I absolutely need it now. If there is cure for addiction surely there is cure for sleep too. I just need it to go away so I do not need to sleep again, ever. I can die. Right now, and not sleep. But then I won't be awake to see the bastard world rote again will I. Like everything else, my weekend ends like shit too.

In reply to your post, Jeremy, you're already luckier than me - unlike yours, my weekend started like shit, I woke up once every 45 minutes throughout the entire sleeping cycle, well, approximately. I fucking need a quality sleep, like since a week ago. And I have no fucking idea how could I possibly having insomnia these days. Darn. May be one day I will get use to it, like how I get used to everything else.

Oh oh, hey, I like this photo very much:

Thanks for sharing the link.


pythee said...

Oh nice. I felt like I know you in a whole new level now.......... nice pose.

de Cor's said...

don't go misleading the readers, bugger.

NathenNod said...

Yum. Porn link.