Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gentle Head Up

In an exchange of conversation with someone that has been spending her whole damn life playing around with figures, here’s what she said:


“The market was going through window dressing over the last few weeks. Now, it is coming back to the reality as window dressing should be done by now. After Chinese NY next year. things will be worst, no more catalysts... Just to share with you how bad things are... Chanel in NY is on sales now! I do hope they have overseas online purchase...haha... But the moral of the story is that, things are really bad cause Chanel has never go on sales like LV and Hermes. The ultimate will be LV and Hermes going on sales! That will be 'the end of the world'. “


Quote from her brother:

“And, Toyota is declaring its first operational lost in 71 years. They have been profiting longer then our parents have been walking on this planet.”


So here’s my 2 cents:

So what the minister said there’s no recession over here in Malaysia? It’s coming, and it’s coming so rapidly that you might not be ready to take up the hit. Perhaps everyone should stop spending since Cash is the King now.


Oh yeah, Merry Christmas nonetheless. :)

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