Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secure yourself in FB

Facebook can be very stupid sometimes – and it makes you looked stupid if you are trying too hard to use their fancy settings, the so called “make your profile more secure” settings. Why? Cause FB makes you think you are smart, and you will end up look like a fool when you think you’re smart that’s all.


Yen knew I am going to blog about this, Yen asked me not to copy and paste the entire conversation out – otherwise the loser’s name will be announced.


yen: corra weird thing happened!!!!

me: siami?

yen: I could search for a profile in Facebook.

me: uhuh.

yen: but the search engine returned 0 result when I am logged into FB and searched.

me: o.

yen: what o? say something!

me: well if you ask me, I think you’ve been blocked lo.

yen: not possible! Why you said that? You explain!

me: but I am not in the mood wo. Christmas lar, I want to be kind.

yen: help me lar plzzzz,,,,,

me: I lazy to explain lar, but if I guessed it right, if you really already have been blocked, then most probably you can’t block him now already – ‘coz his profile became unsearchable to you already.

yen: har like that?

me: yes ga.

yen: I still don’t believe. you block me and see.

me: but I really not in the mood leh, aiya, you trust me lar, theoretically, it should work that way, you can’t see his profile after you login right? but when you logged out you can see it right? Aiks, no need to test, just visualize the flow in your brain and you will get the answer.

yen: cannot I must see it with my own eyes!

me: ok la ok la. KNN. I go remove you, then you go see my profile. My setting should only allow you to Add as friend, then after I blocked you, you go refresh and see what will happened, then you talk to me again lar.


(5mins later…)


yen: mahai, that means he really blocked me – I logged out, can see his profile and can send message, but when I logged in his profile became unsearchable lo!

me: take it easy lar, told you already. FB make ppl looks stupid sometimes.

yen: that bad?

me: yes. There are sohais in the world that has nothing better to do than to go configuring things in FB to keep themselves busy. Don’t let this kinda thing affect you, you see, I don’t even need to test it – think logically you will know what trick he is playing already.

yen: but i am not IT ma.

me: cheh you think IT people are free to do this kinda thing?

yen: then how you know if you have never done it?



(Another thing is…. Sigh.. Guys these days... are such pussies. *shake head* )


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pussy is cute!

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