Wednesday, December 17, 2008

why? why? why???

It’s been such a baaaad day to me and, I’ve got this message when I about to leave the work place:

Urban Yoga@Kepong

*Flexible mthly pay package

*Unlimited classes

*36 teachers available to teach

*Free class given for first trial, kindly call 6258 3933 for details and enquiry, or reply this sms, thx!”

#$%##@!!! My fire came all the way up and I could even feel my blood boiling right around my medulla oblongata. I let my instinct take the lead this time and replied:

“Are you going to give me back my money or substitute my money by offering me with free membership given the fact that I am still freaking paying for your formerly known Yogazone yoga center? if not kindly remove my contact out from your distribution list before my patience wears out and start revealing my angst towards you. Leave me alone before I call this number and curse upon your so called promotion.”

$%^$##!!! if that person was smart, he/she would have just leave me alone by now, but no!!!!! They fucking REPLIED!!!!

“PLS TAKE NOTE, we are not related with yoga zone, we did not post price as we were making awareness on our center, anyting bout yogazone, pls contact RECEIVER COMPANY – FERRIER HODGSON MH, MR.KUMAR 03-22736227, they r handle tis case, thx.”

(Please read the message and guess what they meant, honestly they should at least spell the “anyting” correctly, loh. And what was it about “tis” and “tis”)

Being terribly annoyed, I replied:

“Great. My contact number belongs to Yogazone, did you also paid for the contact list? If you have got nothing to do with Yogazone like you’ve claimed, why are you even utilizing their database? Please remove my number out from your database now, I am not willing to receive newsletter from you at all.”

They then replied:

“we wil take note, thx.” (PLEASEEEE, READ THE “WIL”!!!!!)


Right, now here’s my say:

Please, do not join them, they might not make it, okay – for a company that have no idea how they could and should utilize the customer database is JUST NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. Customer database is PRICELESS, period. And if they were smart or I should say if they were even close to being smart, they should not put themselves in such situation – why do they even want to talk to someone so angry on purpose???!! WHY? WHY? WHY???? And hey, you have the database for god sake – all you should do is go do analysis, see what age range what race or even what occupation your potential market will be at, go do your freaking JOB!!!! You think what? They pay you to call and get fucked? Do the god damn homework instead of sending out SMS to remind people how they’ve been fooled!!!! Why even go near those people who had been betrayed? WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER SPENDING THAT 20CENTS TO SEND THAT SOHAI MESSAGE AND TRYING SO HARD TO KEEP IT IN SINGLE SMS SO THAT YOU WOULD NOT SPEND MORE THAN 20CENTS PER TEXT SENT, TO SOMEONE THAT YOU KNEW THEY WILL JUMP YOU FOR SURE? ARE YOU NOT USING YOUR BRAIN????


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