Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The essential 2 ways relationship

The first thing he told me after the first day at new company was: “They have already have everything sorted out for me – working area, docking system, keyboard, monitor, mouse, stationary, car-park... and everything else. And all of us even have a pot of flower!” He grinned, “That’s nice isn’t it? I am well taken care of, so now I could concentrate in taking care of them.”


So the theory is: if you are not well taken care of by your company, then you can’t take care of the company. You will do what you’re paid for, but you can’t take care of the company. What you’re paid to do and the company itself are two separate entities. You do the job, you won’t want to have anything else with your company. And the most important thing is – it isn’t because you didn’t want to, you simply won’t have the capacity to. You would rather invest your effort somewhere else, somewhere where 2-ways relationship was possible.

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