Saturday, November 21, 2009

BAN - Premium Pork 三板頭 Sanbanto @ SS2

So Andy reached home at 8-ish, considered VERY early if I compare it to the usual time he would come home after joining his current workplace. I bought him his favorite junk food but it was too little to call it as dinner, so we drove out for food, and he recalled that he always wanted to try this pork place in SS2.
So we found a parking spot after 2 rounds of spot hunting. (Thanks to the "secret", we've got a relatively nice spot (though it was about 100m away from what I've anticipated in my mind!) We walked in, seated, and Andy ordered something but it was unavailable, the waitress recommended him another item on the menu. Pork ribs, i reckon, something like that.

I looked.
Well.. you know some restaurants put a few stars next to some items to reflect it was chef's recommendation? They have that too, but the item she recommended didn't have that, but it was the most expensive item in that page no less. I asked for justification, but Andy was too hungry to listen and told her to proceed with the order. Fine. So pork rib it is then. And since I've already had my dinner (sorry for not waiting for you Andy, but you knew I can't hold on my stomach for late dinners!) so I ordered a fruit smoothies, Andy got himself a beer, and last but not least Andy asked for another two cups of water, one warm and one iced-cold, the warm one was for me-the-easily-fall-sick-and-fragile-little-human (Roarrrr Edward Cullen!), and the cold one for himself, of course.

Waitress said: "We only sell mineral water."
Corra: "Oh it's okay we don't want to buy your mineral water, just serve us plain water will do."
Waitress: "Don't have."
Andy: "You mean you can't serve us water?"
Waitress: "Cannot."
Corra: "We just ordered about RM50 worth of food and drinks!"
Waitress: "Ok la i will try."

Waitress placed down the order to kitchen and then went ahead to speak to a supposedly more educated Chinese lady. Nothing came back. Waitress brought the beer though, and Andy start drinking it. Then awhile later Andy asked again, waitress said the answer was a "No."
Andy chuckled a little and said, "Know what, if you are not going to serve us water we are going to walk out the door."
Waitress ran to that supposedly more educated Chinese lady again. And then she came back with the same answer.

So I thought I'd speak to this lady myself.

"Excuse me," I said. She came over.
"We've already ordered about RM50 worth of food and the reason why I wanted warm water was because I just recovered from bad cough."
Lady chuckled, like Andy, but she snorted. (She FLYING snorted at us OMFG? Hell yeah. )
"Okay f-i-n-e I'll get you two warm water." She walked away, but Andy didn't want to compromise. He politely told her that he didn't want his warm, he wanted it cold.That young lady rolled her eyes and looked completely annoyed and then... she hissed!! SHE SO FLYING HISSED AT US OMFFFFG!!! SHE WAS SO FLYING UGLY when she did that!!! At that moment I felt totally sorry for her parents/teachers/partners/colleageus AND BOSSES that she can FAIL them THAT MUCH THAT COMPLETELY! It was almost fair for me to only blame her parents for dropping her too many times when she was a baby. SSH. Oh no, I can't use that word. She didn't have Serena's boobs. It's not fair for me to call her that. And whilst I was having all these mixed feelings running around my mind and contemplating should I or should I not react, Andy snapped (whoa, he snapped. Dude, he is Andy, even a breasts-less SSH should know what it means *sigh too much Chuck Bass*).

But here's the thing: You would wonder how life molded us as a person... at least I wondered. Cause when Andy snapped, as in, yes, he reacted, but he was still being very polite. He politely asked her to forget about the rest of the order, and told her to just give us the bill for the beer. Then he patiently waited for the bill while drinking his beer.
"Let's blog about this." He said. (See? I told you he's upset!)

And up til Andy finishes his beer, the bill didn't come.
How can this place even survive in SS2 for God sake?

In the end we walked there and paid. I grinned my big big grins and asked the rude breastsless bimbo that hisses her customers for a namecard and her name.

Rebecca her name is. And her boss's name is William Chong. She is going so down cause he is so going to hear from me soon.

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