Tuesday, May 27, 2008

再看before sunrise before sunset

有沒有發現 Jesse 在第一次見 Celine 時和九年后再見她,都問了同一道問題?


我病了,完全倒下那種。心裏有點竊喜,不用上班啊可是,今天一打開郵箱,411 mails,我差點哭。我花了一小時瀏覽全部郵件,囘了幾封不能等的,電腦關上,走進休閒室,看DVD。

這是我結婚以來第一次自己開電視看DVD。還直接看了兩部那種。沒錯,乏味如我,沒看什麽利害的新電影,只是又重溫那看了N次的Before Sunset 和 Before Sunrise.


每次看了Before Sunset后再看Before Sunrise,都會驚嘆于他們曾經如此年輕美麗,Celine 的皮膚曾經肥美得吹彈得破,和那曾幾何時有的嬰兒肥。Jesse 眉宇間深深的皺褶,則早在他年輕時期隱約有跡可尋,只是他後來連牙齒都黃掉了。


Carl said...

我还是找不到 before sunrise =(

de Cor's said...


letter said...

Hope you are well now. I volunteered in Melbourne International Film Festival last
year and get to see Ethan Hawke up close and personal. He was here for the screening of his film 'the hottest state' which was based on his novel. He was here in Australia shooting Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Of coz I get his autograph for my 2-disc special before sunset n before sunrise.

I love how he described about seeing his daughter jumping on his car and how she transformed and developed to different ages. In his Q & A he talked about the idea of shooting Jesse and Celine in their 40s. You know, kinda 20s, 30s and now 40s thingy (zhang ai jia's movie must popping up in your head now).

I love Celine too. kinda naive (before sunrise), kinda uptight n idealistic, humanistic, socialistic (see how she talked about firearm, poverty). I got her cd (of coz with an ocean's apart, A Waltz for a Night and je t'aime tant). i believe you have them too. If not, i'm happy to share it with you. i also fall in love with Nina Simone after the movie. Did you get to see 'two days in paris' directed by Julie Delpy? it was great too.

I have to mention Richard Linklater too. ethan n julie get a part in his 'waking life' kinda anime imposed after real shooting (another example of similar technique is in 'a scanner darkly' if u have watched it. his work in 'fast food nation' is brilliant too .

These years i've watched so many films about paris and they definitely have expanded my understanding about the city (movies like paris, paris je t'aime, and the latest 'the flight of red balloon'-(directed by hou hsiao hsien) juliette binoche was in it, she was fantastic, shockingly fantastic ). I hope one day I get to live there.

Sorry this msg is kinda long.