Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Accidental TV

YK says: i holiday one day also feel uneasy
YK says: i got one night stare at the stars
me says: workaholic
YK says: for an hour
me says: u feel guilty if not working or earning money ar?
YK says: donno what to do
me says: walao should have called me
YK says: then i took a bus go buy LCD TV
YK says: hahahahahhahahahahaha
me says: i teach u make jewelry
me says: walao
me says: kanasai
YK says: what
YK says: u know how heavy to carry back to 18 floor or not oh
YK says: a bit regretting
me says: u sien mar
me says: but u wont be bored anymore after that
me says: thats in UK issit
YK says: no
YK says: here
YK says: in singapore
me says: HUH
me says: walao eh
YK says: i don't like to go kai kaii one la
YK says: u know wat
YK says: somemore everything here is so cramp
YK says: go out also pek chek
me says: yeah alot of ppl
me says: alot of kiasu ppl
YK says: exactly
YK says: i rather stay home

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