Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LM Friends

me says: i cabut
me says: thanks for chatting
YK says: okok
YK says: tata
me says: days like this only would i appreciate friendship
me says: sigh
YK says: arh?
YK says: huh?
me says: 我是人渣
YK says: i know, no need to tell me
YK says: lol
YK says: hahahahahha
me says: cant be bothered to maintain a friendship man
YK says: what is friendsihp
YK says: friendship is eventhough two never meet for sometime
me says: i don't know. I always misunderstood.
me says: don't tell me that crap lar.
YK says: once meet up then still can talk until pub closing
YK says: this is not crap
YK says: this is friendship
me says: sigh. I need few more low maintenence friends like yourself.
me says: byebye
YK says: kns
YK says: say me low maintenence
YK says: bye bye

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