Friday, May 8, 2009

Most Popular Short Film Award 2006


Boss sent a mail to us today that says:

“For those who are involved in the projects esp. with WVI, a film to remind us of the greater cause. Do work with joy and determination. I am glad to know that we were the cheapest bid for the XXXX project. Means funds saved can be channel to have higher impact on children in need around the globe.”



Was talking to a work partner last night whilst compiling a document for the project and he asked: “still working?”. It was already 1am I reckon. And yes I was still working.


But I must admit that I haven’t been THIS committed to A project for a really long time, WVI is an exceptional case. “Why so?” work partner asked.


Because I am not convinced that what I am doing or what I’ve done for most of the projects were something meaningful, or even, remotely close to being one. Money spent to get us in were never once a “need”, at least not from what I could recall. They spent the money for the sake of burning off the budget of the year and meet their KPI, i wonder they would ever utilize what have been implemented… whereas this project, I see where they are coming from and I certainly know what could be changed, and I look forward seeing that change, as well as the change in myself, I don’t know… in need to feel fullfilled may be?


I would have applied for a job there just for the sake of living in a solid daily life, too bad I am not a Christian. For those who are Christian and would like to get a job in WorldVision, they are setting up an office here and they are hiring. Leave me a message if you are interested and I will direct you to the right channel for the job application.

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