Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gentlemen Vs. Perverts

I made a statement after today afternoon's meeting.

When a gentleman realized a lady was at risk of exposing themselves in an inappropriate way, they acknowledges it and then remind themself "DON'T LOOK, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED!" - doesn't mean that they don't look, they do, well, they might, but they are civilized enough to have self-control (for awhile), perhaps they will only look later when it's not too obvious; PERVERTS acknowledges lady's risks, too, but instead of telling themselves not to look, they set themselves free to the super duper observant mood - "STARE, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED!"

From my years of observation, my male colleagues in ISAT would only look straight into their female colleagues eyes when their female colleagues are dressing up or when they were in their total bikinis, they only turn animals when they are 100% sure they won't get caught there and then; female colleagues in ISAT are perverts.
Most of our customers were the latter, too.
P/S I come in peace.

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