Friday, September 25, 2009

Seriously, are you going to pay me or not?

As I’ve mentioned earlier that I’ve got a cheque from Google Adsense early this year, a brief write up on how it’d worked: they proceed to write me a cheque when my account reached USD100 balance, and then it took them one month to process it, and I got the cheque first week in the following month. Banked in, money’s in after 15days. Now let’s take a look at what Advertlets is giving me:


Your cashout history:


Username Amount Status


myaccountname 112 {RM, of course.} Processing


OK. The “status” turned to be “Processing” in July, and then it’s stuck. May be they should change the status to be “Stuck”, or “Permanently Stuck”. Now, what’s RM112 to me? Hmm… 1.5 tank of gas? May be not enough… A bottle of SKII’s Miracle Water? You’ve gotta be kidding me! So what’s the point of me posting this? You bet.


And Yes. I just want to tell you Google rocks.


I used to be supportive over Advertlets, really, I event sent E-mail to show support and concerns to Josh when they were going through crisis in one of the CNY, year 2007 I think, and Josh replied with genuine thanks and promised to become better, I like that Josh – may be Josh is no longer the Josh he used to be.


Goodbye Josh.

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Superman said...

I guess I should forget about Adverlets after reading your post. Most of the time they don't even show any ads...sigh. I will stay with Google Ads and add Nuffnang.