Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tax Filing


我不管是誰設計這樣的東西,ok?當你知道你在為 LHDN 設計東西你就要盡量不呈交數據太多次,一次過拿完要呈交的才呈交不行嗎?我進一次 dividend 要按一次 simpan,按一次 simpan 要等 5 分鐘,TNMCH,爛到死的設計!





My ass.


NathenNod said...

Only because you waited last minute... When I did mine it was so fast, and the multiple saving saves me a lot of trouble having to correct the numbers...

de Cor's said...

dude, not the multiple savings screen - it's the screen where you enter your dividend cert's details. Something like our claim form, gotta click on save so the next row will appear, and each click to save will take 5 minutes to load.

min said...

Not only that lar.. I have to tried for 100 times then only successfully submited mine. Few times dead and I have to redo all the submition steps again.